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Permanent Pile Reversal / Watermarking / Shading

It is when the pile of the carpet pile reverses itself after installation and causes light and dark patches in the carpet that can look like watermarking or puddling. This is a natural occurrence that can happen with cut pile carpets (twist pile and plush pile) and the cause is unknown therefore is not covered by a warranty of the manufacturer of the carpet or warranted by us, the retailer. Brushing, steaming or shampooing the carpet will not reduce the severity of the occurrence if it happens. For more reading please click the link below to download the brochure that can answer any further questions you might have.

Permanent Pile Reversal Download Brochure

Cleaning your new carpet.

If you require a cleaning guide for your new carpets, please contact us so we can email you a copy. Most of the staining damage done to the carpet is caused by incorrect cleaning methods. Alternatively jump on the manufacturer’s website as there will be cleaning guides available there… or just call one of our friendly staff for help. We also sell carpet cleaners so if you have a stain that will not budge feel free to come and collect a can of our recommended cleaner, we know and trust.

Wool Cleaning Guide Download

Seam Peaking

If you room is wider than the chosen carpet you may require a join which is unavoidable. Sometimes with carpets (especially loop pile carpets) the join may sit proud and not sit flat immediately after laying. This is because the tape that is used to join the carpet can cause the seam to peak. If this happens it can be accentuated by a light source making one side cast a shadow. If this happens you will just need to allow time for the join to settle or walked on the help it settle quicker. For more information from the Carpet Institute of Australia, click here to download.

Pressure Marks

On occasions, new carpet can appear to have crush marks or pressure marks where the weight of the roll has caused pressure when in transit and during storage. These pressure marks just cause the fibres to bend and leave what appears to be bands in the carpet. This is not considered a manufacturing defect or an installation defect and is not warranted. Pressure marks will lessen with time as the carpet is vacuumed and has regular traffic to alleviate the severity of the pressure marks however it will take time and can take up to 6mths to disappear entirely.

Fluf on new wool carpet

Yes, your new wool carpets will release lose fibres and you will get some fluff that will need to be vacuumed up regularly for the first few months. This happens because the wool fibres are all different lengths and some smaller fibres that do not get caught up in the manufacturing process are lose and need to be released with vacuuming and traffic. Don’t be afraid if you fill up the vacuum cleaner with a lot of the excess fibre, this is normal.

Removing furniture impressions.

This only works with WOOL carpets. When your furniture is in place for a while it will leave impressions in the carpet. The severity can be lessened with this simple trick.

  • Dampen a tea towel with water, make sure its damp and not wet.
  • Turn the iron onto the steam setting.
  • Place the tea towel over the impression and iron and let the steam inject into the area. Be careful not to over steam, just steam it 2 or 3 times until the impression has lessened.
  • Lightly brush the area with your hands or vacuum cleaner, be sure not to rub the pile to much.
  • Try a few times and this will release the pile in the effected area.

For any other enquiries or questions, please don’t hesitate to pick up the phone or email us below.

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