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Hard Flooring… Let’s Explore Your Options.

Hard Flooring… Let’s Explore Your Options.

These days there just seems to be too many flooring options… so where do you start?

As I am sure you have gathered, money does not grow on trees so being realistic about your budget will help to guide you on what flooring will fit your budget first and foremost.

Your hard flooring options we offer (in order of price) are sheet vinyl, luxury vinyl planks, laminate and engineered timber.

Sheet vinyl is definitely an entry level product however should not be ruled out until you have seen it in real life. GERFLOR and FDA have an amazing designer range full of contemporary colours, designs and if you are looking to freshen up a rental property these are really durable and very affordable. They are not the same daggy lino from the 70’s + 80’s you remember.

There is vinyl and there is vinyl, don’t be discouraged by the concept of vinyl because it has come a long way in quality and design options. These days the Luxury Vinyl Planks are a very popular option because they are very hard wearing, family friendly and very affordable. They are directly glued to a concrete floor or a level floor which makes them very good for acoustic properties, great for little babies crawling around and will not be scratched by your furry friends. Plus with the added bonus or easy maintenance with a quick microfiber mop and you are ready for guests.

We stopped installing laminate for a few years however we have started to see some very high quality and realistic products available so we have started to sell them again over the last couple of years. They are a great option if you cannot afford real timber and depending on the installation method do not have that horrible drummy floating floor noise that some of the “old school” laminate timbers are renowned for.

Of course we can’t talk hard flooring without mentioning timber. As a natural product it has always been a popular option. Real timber has a lovely feeling underfoot and surprisingly offers a natural feeling and warmth to any room. Unfortunately timber will be the most expensive option but still affordable for most. We supply engineered timber which means it has a thick veneer of real timber on the top which brings the cost down letting you enjoy a more affordable timber flooring that offers all the benefits of real timber. Real timber has a bit more maintenance and upkeep so with a little know-how you can enjoy this hard wearing flooring investment for years to come.

Depending on your unique and individual requirements we hope this helps you zero in on a suitable hard flooring option for you. We would love to meet you in person so please come down to our showroom so we can show you the full ranges of hard flooring options available.


  • Sheet Vinyl $25-$40 m2
  • Luxury Linyl Panks $60-$80 m2
  • Laminate $50-80m2
  • Engineered Timber starting from $120 m2 >

(* subject to project requirements)


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