Wall to Wall Carpets | 3 Steps to choosing the right carpet.
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3 Steps to choosing the right carpet.

3 Steps to choosing the right carpet.

Choosing new carpet can be quite daunting. There is so much choice and so many different products out there… Where do you start?

To simplify your carpet purchase experience we have a few easy questions for you. Knowing the answers to at least one or a rough idea on direction will help you navigate through the maze of choices.

  • Texture + Appearance
  • Colour
  • Price

These are the first questions that we ask our clients when trying to direct you through the maze of choices.


This is by far the easiest place to start. Most people that are building will have some sort of colour scheme in mind. If you can bring in any tiles, paint colours or already selected products it makes a huge help when we are trying to help direct you with colour selections. If you are renovating it can be harder as you might be trying to match to already existing items that you cannot physically bring into the showroom. We do lend out our samples for 48hrs so you can take home to check the colours in your house against your already existing items.

Some easy tips for selecting colours.

  • Warm colour scheme = browns and beiges (orange, yellow, reds). If you are going “warm” then all your colour selections should be in the same scheme of things.
  • Cool colour scheme = grey tones (taupe, blue, charcoal). If you are going for a cooler scheme then you don’t need to thing cold and sterile. There are some really nice browns with a grey base or greys with a warmer edge.

If this all seams to confusing come in for a visit and let our staff guide you. We have an in-house interior decorator that you can make an appointment with at no charge, it is just part of our service to go above and beyond your expectations and to make your selection process as easy as it can be.

Texture + Appearance

Texture and appearance is also a great place to start. It might look like there are thousands of carpets to choose from but once you narrow it down to the appearance or texture you eliminate a big portion of choice, which can sometimes be a good thing.


  • Loop pile carpets will give you texture. Loop pile carpets are associated with a more casual or relaxed looing carpet. They are less formal looking. Loop pile carpets have a huge array of different textures and you will usually find that most have two colours in the design of the carpet. Loop pile carpets are generally the hardest wearing (compared to twist and plush) and a great option for heavy traffic areas such as staircases and hallways. Loop pile carpets work really well in costal and Hampton styled homes.

Loop pile collage

  • Twist pile carpets have a slight twist in the pile and you get almost a stipple or two tone effect. Twist pile carpet show minimal foot prints and vacuum marks. They are really hard wearing, hardy and show minimal flattening, but obviously over a long period of time can show some tracking in hallways or staircases. Twist pile carpets are very simple looking and lend them selves to both formal and casual interiors.

Twist pile Collage

  • Plush pile carpets give a very formal and elegant look to your room or house. The pile can be brushed both ways similar to that of a velvet or suede fabric, so expect to see some movement in the floor from footprints, traffic and vacuum lines. When choosing a plush you must be aware of the possibility of Permanent Pile Reversal, because the yarn is very straight it can reverse creating light and dark patches, similar to the appearance of watermarking. This is the nature of the product and the overall appearance that you will get with a plush pile carpet. Plush pile carpets work well in formal or elegant homes.

Plush Pile Collage


Unfortunately most of us do not have an unlimited budget. Having an allocation for carpet is also something to know before shopping for carpet. If you are limited to a certain budget talk to one of our staff so we can arrange a obligation free measure if you don’t have any house plans, or alternatively email us a set of your house plans so we can work out the quantity and advise what price range you can look within. This will save you a lot of time, reduce your amount of choice, which can sometimes be overwhelming and also prevent you from going over budget and falling in love with the most expensive carpet in the shop.

Hopefully by now you have a clear pathway to selecting the right carpet for you and your personal requirements. As previously mentioned we have an in-house interior decorator to help with your carpet selection process should you be struggling to make a selection.

Contact us at: 9367 4211 / 275 Mill Point Rd, South Perth (with parking at the front of the showroom) or contact us below.

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