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Wool VS Synthetic Carpets

Wool VS Synthetic Carpets


If its one thing we explain daily, it would definitely be the difference between wool VS synthetic carpets. If you are undecided definitely refer to our 3 steps to choosing the perfect carpet… as this may also give you some guidance. However if you are undecided about what product to go for hopefully we can shed some light.


We (Wall to Wall Carpets) have been laying wool carpets for since 1984 and is still our most common and preferred choice of carpet due to its longevity and robust nature. Wool is generally a little more expensive than synthetics however some of the top quality synthetics are just as expensive as wool. Wool is generally able to withstand more traffic and the pile has the ability to lift back up after a good steam clean due to the spiral and springy appearance of a wool fibre. A lesser priced carpet will generally mean less product (wool) and in turn reflect on the price. A lesser weight of carpet will wear quicker than a heavier weight wool carpet. As a rough price guide line a good quality wool product will set you back approx $55 m2 – $82m2 installed on underlay.

Wool is a fire retardant fibre so will meet all fire regulations for apartment living and commercial situations.

We find people love the choice of colours, textures and the feeling underfoot. Being a natural fibre it also has the ability to breathe so can reduce the humidity in the air or pull the air borne dust or pollen particles into the floor where is does not aggravate people with allergies.

The only thing to be mindful of with your wool carpet is that you have to know how to clean it properly. Your wool carpets cannot be cleaned with any old store bought cleaner. We have a Stain Cleaning Guide available for you to view. Most people think wool carpets stain easily but that is not true, in most cases it is the attempts at cleaning that damage and stain the carpet.


Synthetic carpets have definitely come a long way since they emerged on the market. The quality available is almost on par with wool if you go for a good quality, so don’t be deterred by the notion of going for a synthetic carpet.

On the market there are 2 types of nylons that we recommend. Solution Dyed Nylon (SDN) and White Nylon (WN). There is a big difference between the 2 options. We recommend going for a Solution Dyed Nylon if the budget permits as it is better for fading and stain resistant properties.

Solution Dyed Nylon (SDN): is a harder wearing fibre, the colour is added at a liquid state and before they extract the fibre making it more tolerable to sun exposure and reduces the risk of fading, also SDN carpets are easier for cleaning. Some manufacturers will even give you very generous warranties based on their ability to clean. You should be able to pick up a SDN starting from approx $40-45m2. There are also very upmarket SDN products that have been used in multi million dollar homes where the clients have been attracted to their extra soft feeling underfoot.

White Nylon (WN): carpets tend not to clean up as well as SDN carpets because the colour is applied after the fibre is extracted, however following the correct cleaning instructions you should have no problem removing a stain. WN carpets have a bit more of a sheen or shine to the fibre compared to a SDN so in most cases you will see more foot traffic and foot prints in the carpet. WN would be an entry level carpet suitable for first home buyers, budget driven investment projects and also short term requirements (0-5 years). You can purchase WN products below $45m2 and above that price point.

Depending on your own personal requirements will really be the deciding factor as well as the length of time you wish to get out of your carpet.

Approximate price summary

  • Wool products approx $55m2 and upwards. Durable but needs a bit of care and “know-how” when cleaning.

  • SDN products starting from approx $45m2 and a great all round fibre for cleaning and wear.

  • WN products approx $45m2 and below. Will be entry level prices and suitable for short term installations.

Come for a visit our showroom so our staff can walk you through the carpets available on the market and help assist you in selecting the right carpet.

A: 275 Mill Point Rd, South Perth

P: 08) 9367 4211


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